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Dear friends of the Coral Santa Lucía,

Our cultural association has always developed the objectives of promoting and divulgating music. As a result of this effor, we are working on the establishment of a Foundation: Fundación ArteOn Fundazioa. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious project launched by our association since its inception in 1972.

Our Foundation aims are: to facilitate and encourage music education among children of Llodio and its area of influence, to encourage training in choral singing, promoting the divulgation of music, charitable work and the promotion of research in the musical field, mainly related to choral singing.

Within these broad objectives, specific activities will be most important and immediate actions will be taken as follows:

  1. The establishment of a musical education centre for all levels: music theory, choral singing, musical instruments, dance, drama… and any other artistic expression based on music. With the implementation of the same aims::
    • Overcoming a lack of musical training in Llodio by supporting access to this type of education to children who presently connot enjoy or have to leave Llodio in order to obtain it.
    • Offer alernative activities for children that are not offered in the village, with the advantage of beign able to server different age goups, with the possibility of trasferring later to adults.
    • Provide training to children that goes beyond music itself, encouraging a greater sensitivity to different aspects of life and promote the feeling of “community”.
    • Social integration of children with special problems of adaptation through musical education.
  2. The divulgation of music, dance and drama, both by students of the founding or by the Coral Santa Lucia de Llodio. Likewise, the divulgation of music will be held through inviting groups, associations, music schools, etc…, from outside our town. This action is intended to expand the cultural offer that currently exits in Llodio, applying it to a larger social group: students, relatives of students, associations, institutions, companies, etc…
  3. Develop charitable work, reinforcing the work already started on the Coral Santa Lucía with the creation of the choir Somoto (Nicaragua), and encouraging the teaching of music education among children of the town in Nicaragua. The aim is to:
    • Enhance the existing choir.
    • Complete the training of children with musical education.
  4. The investigation concerning the choral singing, as well as defense and custody of all that research for the promotion and growth of choral singing, which became property of the Foundation, although it is placed outside the Foundation. Some ways of achieving this objective are:
    • Granting fellowships for choral singing.
    • Publishing books, journals, newsletters, scores, etc…
    • Development of meeting, conferences… in collaboration with composers, external performers and so on.
  5. Training in choral singing of children, both for singers, conductors and accompanists.


The education we aim to provide includes not only musical training, but also the approach to the performing arts, like dance, in its various forms, and theater. But we do not want to initiate an education to students in these disciplines with no connection between them. This aspect may not to be new within the professional education or in other countries, but it would be new here, since it is possible to access music and performing arts separately, but there is no training to practice all of them at the same time interacting.

“He who dows not hear the music thinks the dancers mad”.