Other Santa Lucias



Llodio is twinned, among others, the town of Somoto, Nicaragua. This is a partnership that seeks the support of our people to educational projects, urban planning and the provision of the necessary equipment Somoto for better discourse of daily life in the locality.

Taking advantage of these circumstances, our Coral decided to take this twinning into the world of culture, and proposed the creation of a new Coral Somoto St. Lucia. From our association did not put any preconditions to the foundation of this new group, except to keep the same name.

Immediately the idea was greeted with enthusiasm by the authorities of both towns as possible by all groups involved. So a few months ago we had the opportunity to share in Llodio, with local authorities in both populations, the goals we pursued since our coral sponsorship. Mayor Somoto we moved the enthusiasm with which you are working, and we knew of the need to translate the twinning with a concert of both corals St. Lucia.

For now the result can be more satisfying: a few months ago began the work of the Choir of St. Lucia Somoto. This is a group of mixed voices, unlike us, but with a huge desire to do things. The great promoter of the project in Somoto has been from the beginning Ernesto Valladares, who has gathered to a group of 45 people on this project. From Llodio have sent more than 200 scores for mixed voices, we offer the technical support they can provide our director, advise them as to their internal organization … Now we are preparing a uniform that allows them to start doing performances as soon as possible. They have a long way to go, and of course, full support of our Coral to achieve great successes.

Are you also Coral St. Lucia? Since its inception, our organization has maintained excellent relations with other choirs, both in low voices as other disciplines. This allowed us to make exchanges, joint actions and other activities in common. But we never had the opportunity to share experiences with other corals that are named after us, though we know that there are several.

We propose the following: If your choir is also called Santa Lucia get in touch with us. If we can definitely implement ideas in common, both for the conduct of proceedings and otherwise. Or why not also act in places with this name, as the Chapel of Santa Lucia de Llodio.