The Coral St. Lucia prepares a spectacular concert with 80 voices and a dance group.

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The Coral St. Lucia, are celebrating their 40th anniversary and hope to share music with the residents of the neighborhoods where they have offered different concerts.

The Good Friday was the turn of religious music, in the Parish of San Pedro de Lamuza and Gardea, Ugarte, San Juan and Areta, were places where the choir present state. The next concert will take place on Saturday July 21, from 20:00 pm under the tent at the Plaza Aldai in Laudio.

We celebration …

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Coral Santa Lucia de Llodio

We continue the “note” and why we are delighted is an indication that despite our “youth” 40years around, how they say we are in the prime of life.

We leave you another interview, this time on Radio llodio, where you can anticipate future events in dates (you can consult them in our calendar of events) will take place on the occasion of our anniversary.

40 years of good taste.

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In this link you can read the interview in the Daily Courier Tuesday 11th June. There you can see we are not a choir to use but we are constantly evolving.

 Congratulations to Marta Peciña chosen by the right holder.

The Coral St. Lucia will be the herald of the Festival of 2012 Laudio

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Laudio has released the name of the preacher of the festivities of this year.This is the coral St. Lucia this year is immersed in the celebration of its 40th anniversary.Indeed, that was one reason he has opted voting for this group, composed of male voices since its founding in October 1972.The choice has been complicated because it could have been any other group, but we’ve all agreed that the coral is due. Because, in addition, four of its founding members still in the group and they wanted to pay homage to spread the name of Llodio worldwide, said yesterday the councilman Festival, Fontso Larrazabal.