Coral Santa Lucía de Llodio - Concierto Sentido (cd)

“Concierto Sentido” is our first solo album and can be described as ours first 30 years of History, fruits of our hard work and dedication. Concierto Sentido, or “Sentimental Concert” is our favourite concert, in fact thought of with much pride and affection. We think it perfectly portrays our repertoire in the hour we had, into which to record these 30 years of history, and to select the 20 works that best reflected them. Furthermore, we have tried to balance the collection with religious, popular Basque and International choral works.




Coral Santa Lucía de Llodio - Ruperto Urquijo Maruri - CD

Ruperto Urquijo Maruri was a poet from Llodio born at the end of the 19th century. Being a local poet his works reflected life and events important in our valley, ensuring they were recorded for future generations.

In 1992, in memory of this Poet and Writer, three musical groups from Llodio, “Los Arlotes”, the “Agrupación Mucical San Roque” and the “Santa Lucia Choir”, recorded a disc, celebrating his twelve most popular works. The result is RUPERTO URQUIJO MARURI, a deserving tribute to an illustrious poet of our town.

Among his many works it is possible to comprehend his importance within the Basque Choral community. Works such as “En Monte Gorbea” (On Mount Gorbea) or “Luciano y Clara” songs, wich have been sung over many years by countless choirs.

On this recording, however, his song have been sung to the original score and words.