2008 – France: Paris and Claye-Soully


The Coral Santa Lucia closed the year 2008 demostrating its high quality music outside our borders. Between 6 and 8 December we have made a trip to Paris and Claye-Souilly (France), responding to the invitation received from the Coral Claye Vocale of the latter.

And we say we have again demostrated our capatity becouse the invitation is a result of a very good choral concert offered in 2006 in Soave (Italy), which was attended by the director of the Coral Claye Vocale, who inmeditely contacted the Coral Saint Lucia to go to France.

For this trip, the director of the Coral Santa Lucia, Beatriz Zurimendi prepared an attractive and varied program to meet the expectations that had been generated. Thus, the program was developed, among others, with religious works like Kyrie and the Ave maria by Charles Gounod, popular works such as the Basque Kantari Euskalduna (Jose Mª Iparraguirre), and works like Pepita (Muller) or I Bevitori (Gaetano Donizetti). Furthermore, in order to offer more attractives to the concert, it included works accompanied with Txistu (typical basque instrument), by the component of the Chora, Koldo Ulibarri, and with the performance of our dantzari (dancer) Maitane Zaballa. If you add the superb piano accompaniment by Belen Duque and Marisol Teijeiro, the complicity established from the outset between the Coral and the audience, the result could not be other than a very full and varied concert with a high quality musical and interpretative and very warm.

In addition, as happened in Soave two years earlier, these concerts have helped us to establish new commitments with other countries chorals for future performances. We have already received invitations to visit Russia, Poland and Belgium.

It is undoubtedly the result of planning and musical quality, a commitment of all the components of the choral Santa Lucia.

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