How to join the choir

Do you want to join the Coral Santa Lucia? And why not?


What, you do not know music?. Well how most of us. Of course, we like to sing in the shower. And we like to sing with many people as possible, because it is more fun.

What you do not dare to sing alone?. Relax, you do with 40 people receive you with open arms and help you. In addition we do not have to emphasize, for that they are the soloists.Maybe you’re one of them and not know it yet! And yet if you have questions, come with friends, there’s room for everyone.

Do not have time?. Not us. For this test on a schedule consistent with our work and our families. Or you thought that we had no obligations? Like everyone else, but do not see how it helps to unwind and relax and how they integrate and share our families.

We believe that you are no longer excuses. We want you to put it very easy.


Come Monday or Wednesday at our rehearsal in Herriko Laudio Square (first floor of the Old Town Hall), from 20:45 hours.




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