Our History

Who would have thought it, back then in 1972, when a group of Llodio workers first founded the singing group, that it would evolve into one of the most pretigious male voice choirs within our country, and beyond. Some of the original founding members are still singing in the choir today!

Those first years passed under the Artistic Direction of Juan Jose Aparicio, a Bilbao teacher, under whose baton we harvested ours first successes. In 1975 after passing an array of nationals qualiying rounds, we took the gold medal in Barcelona in the “I Certamen de Masas Corales”, (1st Contest of Choral Masses), in the category of “de Voces Graves” (Serious Voices). In 1976 we repeated that success in the “II Certamen de Masas Corales”, (2nd Contest of Choral Masses), celebrated in Toledo.

Well, it wasn’t a bad start and as a result of both awards we were invited to perform at the famous “Teatro Real de Madrid” to celebrated audience, which included his majesty, The King of Spain. Shortly afterwards in 1978 we were invited to enter the Cultural council of Alava, as Plenary members.

From 1982 Emilio Ipinza Gil, a very well respected director within the Choir World, took up the position of conductor. He gave a new impulse and direction, not only in our repertoire but also in the depth of musical competence. As a result of this new direction we decided to participate in the “Certamen de Habaneras” (“Contest of Havanans”), in Torrevieja (Alicante – Spain), as well as a numerous concerts and festivals throughout Spain. We have been awarded the “Insignia de Oro” (Gold Standard), by the City council of Llodio and have participated in countless Television programmes throughout Spain, Argentina and Paraguay, to name a few. From September 2002 Beatriz Zurimendi Vadillo has joined the direction team in accompanying Emilio Ipinza. She has contributed greatly in providing new fresh impetus and flavour to and already seasoned choir.

From September 2002, Beatriz Zurimendi Vadillo takes charge of that of Artistic Direction, and she was working with us untill 2017. Then, the young director Juanlu Diaz-Emparanza started to work with us, to help this old singing group to walk away.