The Coral St. Lucia prepares a spectacular concert with 80 voices and a dance group.

The Coral St. Lucia, are celebrating their 40th anniversary and hope to share music with the residents of the neighborhoods where they have offered different concerts.

The Good Friday was the turn of religious music, in the Parish of San Pedro de Lamuza and Gardea, Ugarte, San Juan and Areta, were places where the choir present state. The next concert will take place on Saturday July 21, from 20:00 pm under the tent at the Plaza Aldai in Laudio.

Now comes the turn of popular music, and will be, as it can not be otherwise, in the street. The president of the Coral St. Lucia, Felix Primo stressed that we are not alone, because this time we have some special guests, our choir friends Biotz Alai from the town of Algorta (Vizcaya). (

The two groups are male voices, so we have prepared a repertoire of great beauty and intensity, collecting folk songs and elsewhere Basque (Kitolis, Luis de Aramburu, Ume Bat Eder, of Santesteban, Mari Eli, Jesus Guridi ; Maitetxu Mine, Francisco Alonso, etc.), all with the strength and expressiveness on stage will these 80 male voices.Furthermore, the direction will alternate between Josu Soldevilla, director of Biotz Alai, and Bea Zurimendi, director of the Coral St. Lucia.

What’s more, the components of the Dance Group Itxarkundia Dantza Taldea will accompany some of the songs performed, giving more striking, if possible, to the concert.

The new appointment with the Friends of the Coral St. Lucia on Saturday, July 21, at 20:00 pm under the tent at the Plaza Aldai in Laudio.



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